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(last 5 years)


- (with M. Vilardo) 'Reverse Indispensability', World Congress of Philosophy 2024, University of  Rome "La Sapienza", August 2024


- 'Two Conceptions of Mathematical Truth', PhDs in Mathematics - Opening Event, University of Trento, 4 April 2024


- 'Intrinsic Justification for Large Cardinals and Structural Reflection', Logic Colloquium 2023, University of Milan, 8 June 2023


- (with Y. Sergeyev) 'The Theory of Grossone and the Continuum Problem', 14th French PhilMath Conference, University of Nantes, 21 October 2022

- 'Intrinsic Evidence for Large Cardinals and Structural Reflection Principles', FilMat Conference, IUSS Pavia, University of Pavia, 1 October 2022

- 'Meta-Pluralism: Moving Beyond the Universe-Multiverse Debate', Hamkins Masterclass, University of Konstanz, 21 September 2022

- 'Two Logical Issues for the Universe-Multiverse Debate', SOPhiA Conference, University of Salzburg, 8 September 2022


- 'Cantor's Abstractionism and Hume's Principle', 9th Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of the History of Analytic Philosophy (SSHAP), University of Vienna, 15 July 2022


- '(Old and New) Infinite Cardinalities', Università della Calabria, DIMES, 15 March 2022


- 'Varieties of Set-Theoretic Pluralism', LOGOS Seminar, University of Barcelona, 14 April 2021

- 'Steel's Multiverse and the Ultimate Universe of Sets', UNICAMP-Konstanz Philosophy of Set Theory Seminar, University of Konstanz, 1 April 2021


'-'Steel's Programme: Evidential Framework, the Core and Ultimate-L', Barcelona Set Theory Seminar, University of Barcelona, 14 October 2020


- 'Cantor's Abstractionism and Hume's Principle', Logic Seminar, University of Campinas, 16 July 2020


- 'What Is Set-Theoretic Truth?', University of Tartu, 14 November 2019


- (with de Ceglie, M.) 'The V-logic Multiverse', Forcing Project Networking Conference 2019. Set Theory: Bridging Mathematics and Philosophy, University of Konstanz, 29-31 July, 2019 


- (with Zanetti, L.) 'From Bolzano to Frege: a Cantorian Path', 4th SILFS Post-Graduate Conference, University of Urbino, 3-7 June 2019 


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